Shapray Cramer Fitterman Lamer LLP has been recognized by various independent third party legal guides as a leading litigation boutique firm in British Columbia. These include for example the following: Lexpert, Benchmark Litigation, Chambers and Partners, Best Lawyers Canada, Martindale Hubbel and The Legal 500

 "Howard Shapray, who used to stage manage Robert Friedland's legal battles, is Vancouver's toughest and ablest courtroom lawyer."

 Peter C. Newman, Titans, How the New Canadian Establishment Seized Power, 1998, page 557

"Finally, I desire to repeat now the substance of what I said at the conclusion of argument on 7th April 1988.… It is a remarkable achievement on the part of the solicitors and counsel for the plaintiffs and their professional advisors… that they obtained, collated and marshalled hundreds of thousands of pieces of evidence, brought this case to trial and the trial to an end in less than three years from that first intimation. To my mind, this is a forensic achievement rivalling that of Cicero in the prosecution of Verres."

The Hon. Madam Justice Mary Southin in United Services Funds v. Carter & Ward et. al. (1988)

"Litigation boutique Shapray Cramer saw its genesis in Vancouver in 1993. While the business entity is a relative newcomer to the market, its litigators come from previous posts and esteemed international law firms and have developed a level of gravitas in the community to make the transition to their own shop relatively seamless. While the firm's focus is exclusively litigation, within that realm the firm casts its wide net, attending to all matters of commercial, environmental, intellectual property and even family law issues. Howard Shapray is one of British Columbia's most celebrated litigators and, it's worth noting, one of its most feared.... Shapray's cases often involve large, complex or high-profile disputes, often worth hundreds of millions of dollars. "He has that reputation, that ability to attract those 'cream' clients who need that extra 'punch' in handling their files." While Shapray has a well-earned pedigree of a true "scorched-earth" trial lawyer, it is noted that he is "equally adept and strategic at alternative dispute resolution."

Benchmark Canada, 2013, The Definitive Guide to Canada's Leading Litigation Firms and Attorneys